DAV 3 History

History of the D.A.V. Theodore B. House
Memorial, Chapter 3, Angeles City, Philippines

Disabled American Veterans

In 1993 Robert C. House began recruiting the 50 member charter.  Prior to this time and afterward, various meetings were held at VMMC
Manila, RUMPA, member’s home.   It was apparent that there was and is a need for a D.A.V. in the local Angeles City area.  Finally, at the signing of the D.A.V. Theodore B. House Memorial Chapter 3, Angeles City,
Philippines.  On 27th of January 1994, the realization of the establishment the D.A.V. Chapter came true with a membership of 85 members.

Robert C. House was sworn in as D.A.V. Chapter 3’s first Commander.  The chapter was named as a memorial to Theodore B, House, the commander’s father who served World War II.

The work of the chapter is to render free  service, time, and providing advise, to all veterans.  Service emphasis pertains especially
to the VA Medical claim, schooling, compensation etc.

Other services include helping all veterans in completing VA and SSA Forms; thus, establishing an efficient Volunteer Service Representative (VSR) program at the Out-Patient Clinic (OPC) in Manila, with a well equipped D.A.V. to serve the veteran community’s needs.

Regular scheduled monthly membership meetings took place at the RUMPA as opposed to meeting now being conducted VFW Post 2485 Essary Room.

At present D.A.V. Chapter 3 membership meetings are held on the Second Friday at 11:00 hours of each month.  All veterans are invited to

In 1995, copier was provided as a non-traditional source of needed income for the chapter after failed airport restaurant attempt.  In past years, Chapter 3 VSR’s were advising and working with patient veterans in the lobby of the hallways of the Outpatient Clinic (OPC)

Later on, the VA OPC Manila provided an counseling office for the D.A.V. Chapter 3 VSRs.  It remains to with telephone service which is
most appreciated.  VSR’s were added and acquired a great understanding of VA staff members.

In 1996, regular scheduled counseling / advisory sessions began at the D.A.V. Chapter 3 office in the Retired Affairs Office (RAO) Building, (currently called Retired Activities Office) Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

Services included service for medical claims, which was manned with a very knowledgeable team of VSR members.  The VSR program and services offered are truly among the best in the D.A.V. Chapter.  The VSR’s are highly skilled individuals who were provided proper training and resources at the VA-Manila applicable offices.

A Special Note:

The VSRs are highly respected by all veterans they serve.  The Ladies Auxiliary was chartered 111 with Josie Gallagher as its Commander.  The auxiliary accomplished many task to help carry out the work of D.A.V. Chapter 3, and was and continues to be most appreciated.

The Auxiliary and members of the D.A.V. Chapter 3, work as a team in the D.A.V. Chapter 3 Annual Ticket Raffle, which proceeds go toward the D.A.V. Auxiliary and D.A.V. Chapter.  They also perform in the various
Memorial Serves, funerals, and other D.A.V. Chapter 3 objectives.

This information is based on and compiled from various inputs obtain
from Chapter members.

Source of this submission by D.A.V. Chapter 3, Philippines Historian at the the time:

Howard Dick Lannon

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